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Ciarán joins the cast of The Driftless Area

Unified Pictures and Bron Studios revealed that Ciarán will join Anton Yelchin (Star Trek), and three-time Golden Globe nominee Zooey Deschanel in The Driftless Area, directed by Zac Sluser.

The Driftless Area is an atmospheric dark comedy, based on award-winning author Tom Drury's novel of the same title that centers on the enigmatic Stella (Zooey Deschanel) and Pierre (Anton Yelchin), a young bartender with unfailing optimism, a fondness for coin tricks, and an uncanny capacity for finding trouble, who returns to his hometown after the death of his parents. When Pierre falls in love with Stella, he is unwittingly drawn into a circle of fate pitting him against the volatile criminal Shane.


Ciarán joins the cast of Agent 47

Ciarán joins the cast of Agent 47, currently filming in Berlin.

Directed by Aleksander Bach, it is Fox International's sequel to the 2007 action movie Hitman, inspired by a video game. It is the story of a genetically engineered assassin, whose strength, speed, and intellect are above the human norm.

The name of Ciarán's character in Agent 47 has been revealed: Peter Litvenko. More details are to come soon.


A new promising project

Ciaran Hinds in Last Days in the DesertCiarán has landed a part alongside Ewan McGregor, Tye Sheridan, and Ayelet Zurer in a new indie drama directed by Rodrigo Garcia, Last Days In The Desert, an intriguing story that will find McGregor playing dual roles, a holy man and a demon, on a journey through the desert as "an encounter with a family struggling to survive in this harsh environment forces the holy man to confront his own fate." Production took place in early February in the Southern California desert. Ciarán portrays the father of Sheridan's character.

The project handled internationally by HanWay Films, will be launched at Berlin's European Film Market.


The Night Alive: interview with Patrick Pacheco


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The Driftless Area

Ciaran HindsA bartender who returns to his hometown finds himself unwittingly drawn into a circle of fate pitting him against the volatile criminal Shane.

Agent 47

Ciaran Hinds A re-imagine of Square Enix video game Hitman series about the bald assassin named 47.

Last Days in the Desert

Ciaran HindsA holy man / demon on a journey through the desert encounters a family struggling to survive.

Edge of Tomorrow

Ciaran Hinds A soldier fighting in a war with aliens finds himself caught in a time loop...


Ciaran HindsAnimated film inspired by a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen.

Game Of Thrones

Ciaran Hinds Season 4 will be mostly based on the latter part of A Storm of Swords and some material may be added from the fourth and fifth books.

The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby

Ciaran Hinds A pair of films telling the same story from two points of view.

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