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An evening with Ciarán in Belfast

Wisdom is in the head and not in the beard (Swedish proverb)YouthAction Northern Ireland invites you to an evening with Ciarán, hosted by UTV's Pamela Ballantine, on September 6th, 2014, 6:30pm at the Rainbow Factory Studio Theatre in Belfast.

Tickets cost £30 per person (Tickets allocated on a first come first served basis). Your support is appreciated as all funds raised will support our prestigious Rainbow Factory School of Performing Arts.

Follow the link below to find more on this exceptional event.


Congratulations, Dr. Hinds!

Ciarán has been awarded an honorary degree from the Queen's University, Belfast, not for his unforgettable performances at snooker, but in recognition of his outstanding achievement in theatre and cinema, and his contribution to life in Northern Ireland.


Ciarán at the Abbey for the Theatre Festival

Ciarán will come together again with his long-time theatre partner Sinéad Cusack in Our Few And Evil Days for the Dublin Theatre Festival.

Written and directed by Irish playwright Mark O'Rowe, it is said be a highlight of this year's Festival.

The play will run from Friday, 26 September 2014 to Saturday, 25 October 2014.


Ciarán joins the cast of The Driftless Area

Unified Pictures and Bron Studios revealed that Ciarán will join Anton Yelchin (Star Trek), and three-time Golden Globe nominee Zooey Deschanel in The Driftless Area, directed by Zac Sluser.

The Driftless Area is an atmospheric dark comedy, based on award-winning author Tom Drury's novel of the same title that centers on the enigmatic Stella (Zooey Deschanel) and Pierre (Anton Yelchin), a young bartender with unfailing optimism, a fondness for coin tricks, and an uncanny capacity for finding trouble, who returns to his hometown after the death of his parents. When Pierre falls in love with Stella, he is unwittingly drawn into a circle of fate pitting him against the volatile criminal Shane.


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Bleed for This

Ciaran Hinds Boxer Vinny Paz's extraordinary come back.

The Thrill Of It All

Ciaran Hinds A moving novel about music, friendship and teenage dreams.

Woolly Faces

Ciaran HindsIn 1981 in Belfast, a mother struggles to keep three unruly teenagers on the straight and narrow

Our Few And Evil Days

Ciaran Hinds Adele and her parents have always been close. A visit from a stranger will force them to confront the reality of their relationship.

Game Of Thrones

Ciaran HindsIt has been confirmed that this dragon-filled story shall continue on through to season six.

The Driftless Area

Ciaran HindsA bartender who returns to his hometown finds himself unwittingly drawn into a circle of fate pitting him against the volatile criminal Shane.

Agent 47

Ciaran Hinds A re-imagine of Square Enix video game Hitman series about the bald assassin named 47.

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