Anja’s page

Greetings from LA

I just got off my plane. A direct flight here, how exhausting. I can’t quite help being afraid of flying, since heights are not my cup of tea.

I passed the time by reading that new script and trying to figure out my role for the next few weeks. Playing a multi-millionaire, an evil one. Did I ever do that before or does that just sound familiar from my last engagement? I don’t remember. How much does the guy resemble the devil? By the way, the flight attendants treated me very kindly. That’s the advantage of first class — always enjoyable. But why can’t they for Christ’s sake make a decent cup of tea up here? They have Champagne though.

I declined the usual limo service they offer to get you on set; I prefer to check in and out myself. Gives me an opportunity to see people going about their day-to-day business. My daughter sent me a copy of the old Disney version of the film. God in heaven, where did she get that from? The Internet? I’ll have to find a player to have a look at it.

There was a mess when I went to pick up my luggage in baggage claim. A couple had got into a fight. No one seemed to know what it was about, but it made the entire crowd look. Fortunately everybody was so occupied with them both that no one took any notice of me. Usually a good opportunity, when you stand there in the line, waiting for your bags to come up, that someone recognizes your face and asks the usual: Haven’t I seen you in that Sweeney Todd movie lately? By now I’ve understood that fortunately, they take me for Alan Rickman.

As for this new website, why all this fuss around me, ladies ? However, it’s fine work and I had a lot of fun with the quiz. I’m sure your scores were better than mine.

Good luck to you all!!