Life’s not that bad

This is one of the first days on set. Since now all the crew and cast members have arrived, there is one of those welcome parties that are professional in a very American way. In Europe, you stay up very late and have drinks and canapés.

Here you have the crowd gathered, appetizers and the party finished by 10 to make sure you’re up and in fine form for the early morning shootings. I’m not a big partygoer, but I do like meeting new people. Andy said a few words. He’s directed a movie before, but mainly did TV and producing things. And he’s worked with The Rock before. I’m not quite sure whether this is good or bad. It works just fine for Martin Scorsese teaming up with my friend Daniel. Some directors never work with the same crew members again, others use the same team throughout their careers. I vaguely remember reading headlines of others exploiting Lucy Liu and Bill Murray’s quarrels in Charlie’s Angels. Nevertheless Dwayne did this Game Plan thing with Andy before. Well, I’ll see what happens, they appeared well teamed up so far.

I overheard a conversation between two guys from technical equipment while having a beer. Their use of words like streaming server and portable render machines made me leave the table very fast. That kind of incident sometimes makes me switch over into a conversation I have in public where, only for a moment, I imagine me and another me talking over the advantages and disadvantages of acting as the front or the back end of Cinderella‘s horse again. It simply makes no sense, so why bother.

Just to encounter a new trap: some colleagues gossiping about Carla Gugino. I’ve never worked with her before, but just by standing there and being unable to close my ears, I’m now an expert on her qualities. She must have been a very hot babe in Judas Kiss. That was actually the magic word that caught my attention, since it was one of Alan Rickman’s movies. It ended up in a good laugh when someone asked me whether I noticed her “George Clooney plunging 3-D neckline,” and my answer was that I liked her evening outfit (high-necked black jumpsuit), being completely unaware of the direction. The guys stared at me first and then shed light on the fact that one of her former roles was in a 3-D movie I’d never heard of. OK, I’m not a regular moviegoer either. But to be in Malaysia for example and get to catch up with local crowds some 100 miles away over the latest popcorn movie attractions is too much for me while shooting. Anyway, I learned that the Spy Kids movie of Carla had a cameo of good old George and she was on fine display. To save face, I mentioned that Antonio Banderas was a nice guy I had met I don’t know where and when, and then I got lost.

Anna Sophia and Alexander, the two kids, spent the evening near the cold cuts. There I treated myself to more than just good Roman memories of profiteroles. A very good combination with a glass of Bordeaux to have the meet’n greet event wind down.

Good luck to all!

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  1. DIANA:

    If this is not the actor writing, then the author of this is really good!!!