The Winter's Tale


King Leontes of Sicilia is seized by sudden and terrible jealousy of his wife Hermione, whom he accuses of adultery. He believes the child Hermione is bearing to have been fathered by his friend Polixenes, and when the baby girl is born he orders her to be taken to some wild place and left to die. Leontes' cruelty has terrible consequences, but Hermione's child escapes death, and is brought up as a shepherdess. Loss paves the way for reunion, and life and hope are born out of desolation and despair (from Arkangel site).

Character: Leontes
Author: William Shakespeare

Sinéad Cusack, John Gielgud, Eileen Atkins.

Available separately and as part of Arkangel Complete Shakespeare.

Date: 2000-07-12
Category: Audiobook




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