A young girl dumped on the banks of the Thames. Horrifically mutilated and drained of blood, her death is an ominous mirror image of an unsolved 1940s case in Los Angeles known as "The Black Dahlia".

Detective Inspector Anna Travis must race against time to catch this copycat killer, dubbed "The Red Dahlia" from the flower his victim wore in her hair. But there are no suspects and a media frenzy is spiralling out of control.

She turns to her mentor, the volatile Detective Chief Inspector James Langton...

"It is strange because it is not my usual sort of role. I usually play characters who move around a bit more, asking if everyone is OK. But in Above Suspicion I stomp into offices and order people around. It is quite intense. The job is to put yourself into a frame of mind and hope that you are in the right place." (Ciarán Hinds from ITV press kit)

Character: DCI James Langton
Co-stars: Kelly Reilly
Director: Gillies McKinnon
Screenplay: Lynda LaPLante
Run-time: 180 mn
Release date: 2010

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