Salvation Boulevard has a satirical bent targeting organized religion. The story revolves around a private detective who investigates the killing of a professor. The exercise proves to be a clash of faiths: the detective is a born-again Christian, the dead man an atheist, the accused killer an Islamic foreign student and the D.A. is Jewish.

When evangelist pastor DAN (Pierce Brosnan) accidentally kills an atheist professor, the accident is witnessed by CARL (Greg Kinnear), a former Deadhead who was "saved" by Dan's church. Dan begs Carl to keep quiet and disguises the death as a suicide, but when the police suspect foul play and investigate, Dan blames Carl. Now a fugitive, Carl must prove his innocence. In his way are Dan's followers who'll stop at nothing to protect their leader (source: Arclight Films newsletter).

Cindy Chu, actress, remembers Ciarán on the set

The extent of my experience with him was shooting 2 scenes with him. We were also both in the hair and makeup trailer together, when they were getting us ready for the scene. He was a very wonderful person, and had taken a little trip to explore Michigan with the few days off he had before that day of shooting, which was his last. He'd brought some fudge (from the little city he'd visited) for the hair and makeup people, and he was just very sincere and friendly to everyone. I really enjoyed working with him. His character had come to a lab to find someone to help him analyze a stain. I'm not sure how much more I can share than that, but again, it was a great experience working with him under the direction of George Ratliff.

Character: Jim Hunt
Co-stars: Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Connely, Ed Harris, Gred Kinnear
Director: George Ratliff
Screenplay: George Ratliff
Run-time: 96 mn
Release date: 2011

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