The sequel is set several years (possibly even a decade) after the first film, and sees Johnny Blaze in a self-imposed exile from the world. (For some reason when you exile yourself from the world you have to move out of the US and go to Europe... or Mexico, its always one of those) The tormented Blaze sees his demonic powers as a curse rather than a means to do justice. The former stuntman is then approached by Moreau, a member of the monastic order of the warrior / archangel Michael. Moreau needs someone capable of protecting a mother and son duo (Nadva and Dannv) who are being hunted by a character named Roarke. Roarke also seems to have specific interests with the Rider, and possess intricate knowledge of the bounty hunter and his "different identities over the centuries."

Johnny Blaze found years after the events of the first film, self-exiled from the world. In this way, hopefully, not having contact with people, able to control the spirit of Vengeance. Blaze is approached by Moreau, a monaco quite unusual part of the monastic order of Michael, the warrior angel. The Monaco but needs the special talents of former stuntman to trace a woman named Nadya and her son Danny, who must be protected at all costs, as there is on his trail Roarke, who is none other than an old knowledge of our hero (you certainly understand who they are) and is interested in the guy for a particular reason.

The script strongly underlines the tormented soul of Johnny Blaze since its first appearance. For he is a man who just wants to hide and who sees in his power a curse, more muted than in films directed by Mark Steven Johnson. The script focuses on the background in this way also "historic" that covers Ghost Rider, explaining in more detail to the viewer and the protagonist that the spirit of Vengeance is appearing more than once, and with different identities over the centuries. An interesting part of this working thanks to the characterization, creating a strong bond between the characters of Nadya, Danny and Johnny, also not forgetting Moreau, well shaded from start to finish. Only link with the previous film is a little flashback on the Origin of Ghost Rider, the covenant between Blaze and Mephistopheles.

Ciarán about his character

I think he's about three and a half. (laughter) He's not a very good Devil, 'cause if he were, everybody would be in tatters, but at the same time, you only actually see him use his powers twice. Most of the time it's a race against time for him. He's a devil on his way out. That's what it is. His body is giving up and that's why he's trying to retain a sense of ease and control and having everything happen. Meanwhile, his face is starting to fall off. It's sort of the human weakness that he's placed himself into the vessel of a human being and it's given up on him, which also pisses him off. For him, with the whole shell disintegrating, the idea is that he has to find a new receptacle in which he can regenerate and push him onto further adventures. That's the journey, so for him, he wants to remain calm in the situation, but bit by bit, he comes to the moment where there's a prophecy and it's a race against time.

Character: Roarke
Co-stars: Nicolas Cage
Director: Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor
Screenplay: David S. Goyer
Run-time: 95 mn
Release date: February 17, 2012

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